• TRUCOAT? Extrusion Coating Resins

    TRUCOAT? Extrusion Coating Resins


    Offering a comprehensive selection of extrusion coating resins, Westlake has the polymers required to produce structures needed for today’s demanding packaging needs and other applications. Our extensive extrusion coating product line which includes LDPE, EMAC and Performance Polymers was developed to provide resins with excellent processing properties that can be coated onto a variety of substrates including paperboard, plastic films, metal foil, natural and man-made fibers, and other substrates.

    TRUCOAT? LDPE Extrusion Coating Resins
    Grade MI Density Data Sheet
    EC800AA 1.7 0.9180 PDF icon
    EC1550AA 3.5 0.9180 PDF icon
    EC1924AA 4.2 0.9230 PDF icon
    EC472AA 5.0 0.9230 PDF icon
    EC4041AA 5.6 0.9220 PDF icon
    EC479AA 5.7 0.9215 PDF icon
    EC808AA 7.0 0.9170 PDF icon
    EC474AA 8.0 0.9180 PDF icon
    EC4042AA 10.0 0.9170 PDF icon
    EC850AA 12.5 0.9150 PDF icon
    EC476AA 13.7 0.9180 PDF icon
    EC1390AA 15 0.9150 PDF icon
    EC811AA 20 0.9160 PDF icon
    TRUCOAT? HDPE Extrusion Coating Resins
    Grade MI Density Data Sheet
    MC2004 10.0 0.9460 PDF icon
    MC3016 10.0 0.9460 PDF icon
    MC3033 10.0 0.9470 PDF icon